ReWriting Life Stories

Literacy is the gateway to financial freedom and ending poverty.

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The Need

Millions suffer from debilitating poverty; this message has been made known from organizations around the world. There are villages without access to food, shelter, clean water, proper sanitation, education, or healthcare. Poverty continues to breed a number of injustices, like gender violence and discrimination, infant mortality, child labor, and human trafficking.

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The Solution

Our model is based on one key understanding—the prevailing need in local communities is not for financial support, but an infusion of opportunities. Students are encouraged to become change-makers, engage in dialogue, recognize human and legal rights, take social responsibility, and help reduce the violence and oppression of women.

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The Impact

There are people, in these poverty stricken villages, that now know how to read and write their names.  They are aware of their rights as citizens and make decisions that are best for their children. These men and women are able to earn an income – providing for their family and finding their freedom.

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We believe everyone has the right to knowledge, their voice, and freedom.