The Impact

There are people, in these poverty stricken villages, that now have an education and know their rights as citizens.


Students graduate with a 5th grade education; enabling them to read, write and count money. They learn proper nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene practices; reducing instance of disease and healthcare costs for their families. They are educated on financial security, saving, debt-elimination, investment, and even the skills needed to start their own small business. All learn about their intrinsic human and legal rights, and responsibilities of citizenship.


Graduates can sign their name for a bank account and not be cheated at the local market. They can take a stand against the moral and social evils that exist in their villages. They actively seek holistic developments and positive change for their village. They feel worthy enough to take a stand and speak up.


They receive hope. They realize that their lives, and their children’s lives can be better. The cycle of poverty can break. They find freedom.