Who We Are

We believe that partnerships are critical to success. The curriculum developed by our partner in India has made an impact in thousands of villages across India. It is this curriculum that we are able to develop for partnerships in other areas of the world. 


Our History

Rewrite Life was established in 2011 as a 501(c)(3) to support a secular trust that has over 20 years of experience implementing adult literacy programs in villages throughout India.

However, our true beginning dates back to when our founder–Dr. Kamala Chiranjeevi­–was born as the fourth daughter to a poor Dalit family. Despite an impoverished upbringing and facing cultural barriers commonly encountered as a young woman in India, Kamala quickly learned the importance of education and finding ones voice.

With a Masters in Chemistry and a PhD in Education and Economics, Dr. Kamala Chiranjeevi has set out to bring freedom to the oppressed through her vision, which has now become our own–to transform communities for holistic development through Adult Literacy classes.

Our Partnerships

We believe that partnerships are critical to success. Through a strong vetting process, we partner with indigenous organizations that have the capacity to run an adult literacy program within their communities and have a vision to expand.

Currently, there are over 131,000 adult learners in India. Eager to share this expertise beyond India, one of our objectives has been to replicate this program for organizations that are passionate in literacy and holistic transformation. Through strong partnerships, the program has been successfully introduced in Nepal, South Sudan, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

Our Board of Directors

Brad Rottschafer
Carissa Chamberlin, Secretary
Marie teVelde, Chairwoman

Our Mission:

We equip communities around the world with literacy tools to educate adults and transform families, villages, and entire nations.